Distinctive features

With the Solutions series, BK offers a carefully assembled assortment of clever kitchen utensils which contribute to optimum cooking pleasure every day.

BK Solutions

Cutting Board

A good start is half the work! Preparing meat and vegetables for cooking is an important part of the cooking process. With the BK Solutions Cutting Board, you cut up your ingredients in equal-sized pieces like a real professional, thanks to the handy measurement guides.

On the other side, the board has a handy juice rim to catch juices and fat. The Cutting Board sits firmly on your worktop thanks to the non-slip corners. These corners also ensure that you can easily put the board upright without it slipping. The Solutions Cutting Board is made of beech wood and not suitable for the dishwasher.

BK Solutions

Fruit Colander

Of course, nothing is more delicious and healthier than eating fresh summer fruit! Whether these are strawberries, grapes, blackberries or blueberries; bought or freshly picked. These days they are available almost all year round. You wash the summer fruit, place it in another dish to serve, and store it in yet another dish. With the BK Solutions Fruit Colander you have all three in one. You wash the fruits in it, let it drain on the matching drain tray and attractively serve it on the table. Afterwards, you cleverly store the fruit by using the plate as lid. So you have a colander, serving dish and storage dish in one. The BK Solutions Fruit Colander is made of plastic and is available in black.

BK Solutions

Worktop Organiser

It is great to have an orderly worktop while cooking. But you still want to have your favourite ingredients at hand. The BK Solutions Worktop Organiser is perfect for this. The bottles of olive oil, vinegar and dressing, as well as your pepper and salt mills are neatly stored on the organiser. Because of the various heights of the three trays you can organise even more cleverly, and smaller bottles are also easily accessible. The worktop organiser has a rim which prevents leakage. No more annoying rings and crumbs on your worktop. This Worktop Organiser is easy to clean in the dishwasher. The BK Solutions Worktop organiser is available in black.

BK Solutions


Cracking nuts regularly results in shells flying around. The BK Solutions nutcracker offers the solution for this. You cleverly catch the nuts as well as the shells in the transparent part of the nutcracker. You screw the lid down until the shell cracks open. Thanks to the double-sided lid with two heights, the nutcracker is suitable for various sizes of nuts.

Available in black, packaged in a lovely full colour gift wrap. The BK Solutions Nutcracker is not suitable for the dishwasher. Clean the nutcracker with a damp cloth or if necessary under running water. Do not submerge the lid in water during cleaning.

BK Solutions

Carafe set
with flavour stick

You only have one hand free, but there are still some glasses and a carafe of water on the worktop that you would like to serve at the same time. The BK Solutions Carafe set has the solution to this. This is because the glasses fit perfectly on the neck of the carafe and can cleverly be stacked on it. This way you only need one hand to put the glasses and the carafe on the table.

This carafe set also includes a flavour stick with which you can flavour the water, for instance with mint or lemon. During pouring, the herbs or the lemons stay attached to the stick. The stick can simply be removed when the water has sufficiently been flavoured. So everyone can make their own flavoured water in a jiffy.

The design of the BK carafe is inspired by the famous 1927 French Picardie glasses. The carafe and matching glasses look beautiful on any table. Not only for water, but also as a wine decanter.

The glass Carafe set is delivered with four 16 cl Duralex Picardie glasses and the herb stick, packaged in a lovely full colour gift box.