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What is the best way to send you a photo when I have a question or a complaint?

Have you been in contact with us before?

Send your photo by e-mail with the previous e-mail exchange. This way we can help you the best and the fastest. Make sure that the photo is not larger than 5MB, otherwise our server cannot process the email with the photo.

Have you not been in contact with us before?

If you have not had any contact with our customer service before, we recommend you to fill in the contactform on the site first.

Can I still order spare parts for my pans?

Yes, of course, you can find for many BK ranges a new lid of handle, all the parts that are available here components. Older BK ranges are included. If your set of pans is not included on this page, we no longer stock spare parts for it.

My lid, handle, handle or lid knob is broken. What can I do now?

BK provides a two-year guarantee with regard to defects in materials, construction and workmanship. Damage resulting from an accident, improper use or wear and tear through daily use are not guaranteed.My lid, handle, handle or knob is broken. What can I do now?. In this case you can so unfortunately not claim warranty. You can for many BK series a new lid or grip. Please have a look at our components.You'll find also components of some older BK series.Handles or lids are not available for all older series. Is your serie is not there? Unfortunately, there is no longer a separate component for that serie.

Has your lid or handle broken due to material, construction and finishing errors? Then contact the service department via  contact form.

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Contact our customer service, available from Monday till Thursday from 10:00-12.30 and from 14:00-16.30 and Friday from 09:00-13:00.

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