All about PFAS (also known as: poly and perfluoroalkyl substances)


PFAS is a collective name and stands for poly and perfluoroalkyl substances. This group of chemicals is man-made and does not occur naturally in the environment. PFAS have certain properties: they are, for example, water-, grease-, dirt- and dust-repellent. They can withstand heat well and are not easily affected by other chemicals. Today, products from the PFAS group are often still used as an adjuvant in applying a non-stick coating to pans. An adjuvant is a substance that does not end up in the final product. However, we do know that certain PFAS are non-biodegradable, they can easily spread in the environment and/or they can accumulate in the human body, animals and plants.

Potential health risks

Most of the information on the harmful effects of PFAS comes from PFOA and PFOS. Research shows that these substances cause liver damage, have an effect on our immune system, are harmful to reproduction and for the development of the unborn child. They're also potentially carcinogenic. Much less is known about the potential adverse effects of other PFAS.


Since 1851, BK has played a pioneering role in the Dutch pan market. For example, we were the first to launch a fully PFAS-free non-stick pan on the Dutch market as early as 2007. Although a number of substances from the collective group of PFAS (such as PFOA) are already banned in the production of pans, we believe that the use of any PFAS in the production of BK pans is no longer appropriate for us, as a high-quality and future-oriented brand. For this reason, we are not waiting until the use of PFAS is banned completely in the future, but we have already stopped the production of any PTFE layer on all of our pan series. During the course of next year, all of our frying and roasting series will be coated with a completely PFAS-free alternative.

We are opting for the highly advanced Thermolon coating, which has the same non-stick properties to which our users are already accustomed today. Over the years, the technology has been perfected further and further, making it not only healthy but also extremely high quality. In short, it is a safe, healthy and user-friendly alternative and we expect this switch to create a win-win situation for everyone.

Choose healthy cookware today

Does everyone have to wait until next year? No! BK already has a wide range of PFAS-free products and series available today. Our ranges in stainless steel, enamel and cast iron, for example. However, if you want to cook safely and healthily without having to give up the convenience of a non-stick pan, choose a ceramic non-stick coating, which is guaranteed to be PFAS-free.

If I recently bought a pan with a PTFE coating, am I at risk?

Under normal use, a pan with a PTFE non-stick coating will not pose any health risks. On the other hand, if it becomes overheated, low quantities of fluorinated substances can be released. These fumes can be irritating to people and cause flu symptoms. Our advice is to avoid overheating at all times.

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