Most people are familiar with the stir-frying technique. It is a popular cooking technique in which ingredients are prepared in a wok at high temperature in very hot oil. The perfect wok temperature for stir-frying is between 160℃ and 240℃. The ingredients are continuously stirred in the wok. In this way, the food retains more flavour and vitamins. And it doesn't take up too much of your valuable time. You can usually put a homemade wok dish on the table in 15 minutes!



Steaming is a healthy Preparation method in which ingredients are cooked by means of steam created by boiling water. Vegetables, fish, steamed buns and dim sum are all ideal dishes to steam. Bamboo steaming baskets are an essential part of the steaming process and are available in different sizes to fit different wok sizes. Most steaming baskets fit perfectly in the wok because of the hollow space in the wok. While steaming, it is important that the steaming basket does not touch the base of the wok.


Deep frying

Deep frying is a preparation method in which the foodstuff is submerged in hot oil or fat for several minutes. The wok is designed to take up and distribute heat evenly. In addition, the wok is bowl shaped and therefore ideal for deep frying. The oil heats up quickly and lots of items can be deep fried at the same time.



Because the BK Nature Wokarang is made of carbon steel, you can steam, stir-fry, simmer and even deep fry in it. In no time at all, carbon steel ensures the quick uptake and distribution of heat throughout the wok. Using the wok daily builds up a natural and extremely durable non-stick layer, known as the patina layer. The darker the wok, the better the patina layer works.

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