Cunning design The BK Q-linair Classic is a culinary masterpiece. The high-gloss, high-quality stainless steel body culminates in a beautiful curve, and has been crowned with cunning, heat-resistant handles. The side and long handles do not become hot and can be handled safely, under any circumstance. It has a unique draining system, whereby the lid can be locked in the rim of the pan, under the handles, by means of a quarter turn. This means that pouring and draining becomes easier and safer.

Clever The BK Q-linair Classic has an encapsulated sandwich base, which ensures quick heating and good heat distribution throughout the pan. It is suitable for all heat sources, including the oven (up to 230ºC). Because of the draining system, you no longer need a colander. The measuring jug can also stay in the cupboard, as there are detailed capacity marks on the inside of the pans. The pans are stackable and can be placed into the dishwasher after use.

drain safely


This range is fitted with a unique draining system. The lid can be secured in the rim under the handles with a single turn. Hot liquids can then be safely drained or poured using the special pouring spouts on the rim of the pan.

heat heat-resistant handles


This range is fitted with strong, phenolic side and long handles. The specially designed plastic barely heats up when it comes into contact with heat sources. This ensures that pans can be safely handled in all circumstances when moving and draining.

space saving


This pan range has been designed to ensure that all the pans easily fit inside one another. The pans can therefore be stacked without damage to save space.



This pan range has precise capacity marks on the inside of the pan. This makes it possible to measure off liquids precisely without using a measuring cup.

heats quickly


The pans are manufactured from 18/10 superior quality stainless steel and have a encapsulated sandwich base. The pans are therefore hygienic to use and heat up fast. The pans can be cleaned in the dishwasher.