Trendy and Practical

Trendy The BK Premium+ is a robust pan range cast in a trendy design. The high-quality brushed steel pan has striking contours and sturdy brushed steel grips and handles. The grips are comfortable to hold and provide a good grip on the pan during cooking. The saucepans have shockproof glass lids, enabling the cooking process to be followed safely and easily without allowing heat to escape. The lid grip has a silicon edge and is manufactured to ensure that a minimum of heat is transferred from the pan to the lid. The BK Premium+ is a robust pan range, highly suitable for daily use.

Practical The pans are fitted with a smart draining function that makes them even easier to use. The lid has a wide edge fitted with a small and large drainage hole on each side. Combined with the special pouring lip, draining is safer and even more convenient. The BK Premium+ range has a sealed sandwich base that ensures fast and perfect heat distribution throughout the entire pan. The BK Premium+ is suitable for all heat sources, including the oven. The pans are easy to stack and dishwasher proof.


Unique and safe draining system

The lids have a wide edge fitted with special draining holes.

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Fast to heat up

The sealed sandwich base ensures fast and perfect heat distribution

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The pans are fitted with convenient pouring lips

This range has convenient pouring lips shaped into the rim. This makes draining hot liquids safer and makes pouring clean and easy.

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The range is fitted with sturdy heat-resistant grips and handles.

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Energy efficient

The glass lids provide a perfect view of the cooking process while avoiding energy loss.