The unique shape of the BK Nature Wokarang makes stir-frying even more fun; thanks to its special shape, the ingredients always fall back into the wok. Your cooker is guaranteed to stay clean! The BK Nature Wokarang is a wok for life. By using the wok daily, you build up the natural and extremely strong non-stick properties. Apart from stir-frying, you can also fry, simmer, steam and even deep fry in this wok. This makes the BK Nature Wokarang incredibly versatile.

Using the Wokarang causes the wok to darken and to accumulate a layer of patina. The darker the wok, the better the patina layer and, therefore, the better the non-stick properties. This is a natural process and it makes the Wokarang extremely durable. The BK Nature Wokarang is suitable for all heat sources. To maintain your long-term enjoyment of the Wokarang, you can quickly and easily clean the wok under the hot tap. Serving a healthy stir-fry was never easier!

Pan for life

The frying pan is extremely durable. The more you use the pan, the better the natural patina layer becomes. The darker, the better.

Everything in one frying pan!

The frying pan is suitable for frying meat, fish and even omelettes. This makes the BK Nature Frying pan incredibly versatile.

Wooden handle

The wooden handle protects your hands while stir-frying, does not become hot and is comfortable to hold.

Easy to use

After use, you simply clean the frying pan with hot water and a washing-up brush. Dry the frying pan thoroughly before storing it.