Original design by BK

Drain pans without having to mess around with oven gloves or a colander and, even more importantly, without burning your hands because you have to hold the lid on the pan. BK has the solution: the BK Flow pan set. These pans take away all of your concerns and allow you to cook and drain without accidentally spilling the contents of your pan in the sink. These pans are designed by the BK designers themselves and, because the pans are so smart, they have received various (international) awards.

The Flow series can be used on all heat sources (including induction). After use, the pans can be cleaned in the dishwasher. In addition, they are easy to stack thanks to the high positioning of the grips, so they take up less room in the kitchen cupboard.

Eenvoudig afgieten

Easy draining

The lid can be locked with a turn under the grips. This allows hot liquids to be safely drained or poured out through the notches in the rim of the pan. You can even drain the saucepan with one hand.

Licht van gewicht


The pans are easy to pick up and move because they are light in weight.

Snelle reiniging


This series has won a Red Dot Design Award for its distinctive and functional design.

15 Jaar garantie

BK warranty

15 years warranty

Feel it, turn it, experience it!

The pans have a handy and unique draining system. Thanks to their light weight, the pans are easy to lift and use. With a simple quarter turn, you lock the lid under the black silicone stoppers. This makes it easy to drain the pan using both hands. You can even drain the saucepan with one hand.