Safe cooking with BK Flow Cool Improve the ease of cooking in the kitchen with BK Flow Cool. In every aspect, this range boasts smart design and function. The BK Flow Cool has smooth lines, which run from the extra high pan to a wider upper edge. The high pan allows preparation of larger portions. With a simple quarter turn of the wide upper edge, the lid can be locked below the black silicon knobs. This unique system enables you to safely strain the pan contents using both hands. You can even strain the saucepan contents with one hand! Because the sturdy, phenolic handles on the high pans are fitted in a slightly higher position, they do not heat up as quickly.

Practical pans These pans are made from high-grade stainless steel and have an encapsulated sandwich base which enables them to warm up more rapidly, with perfect and even heat distribution. The BK Flow Cool range can be used on all heat sources (including induction) and the pans are oven safe. The BK Flow Cool negates the need for a measuring jug in the kitchen as the pans have a clear graduated internal scale, allowing accurate reading of the amounts. After use, the pans can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The pans can be stacked for compact storage; this saves space in the kitchen cupboards.



This range has a unique draining system. With one turn, the lid can be locked below the knobs. This allows safe draining or pouring of hot liquids through the drainer openings in the upper edge of the pan.

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The sturdy, phenolic, heat-resistant side and long handles provide a good grip.

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This range is equipped with sturdy knobs and handles. When moving the pans and when straining contents, they remain safe to use under all conditions.

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Thankfully, a measuring cup is no longer necessary thanks to the measurement marker in the pan.

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This range of pans has been designed in such a way that the various pans easily fit into one another. This enables compact stacking of the pans, which saves space, without the pans being damaged.