Energy-efficient top quality

Top quality The BK Conical Deluxe combines top quality with saving energy. The pan body has a beautiful high-gloss finish and has a conical shape. The cast side and long handle shave a high-quality finish and ensure a safe grip during the cooking process. There are capacity marks on the inside of the casseroles, which can be very useful. In addition to casseroles, the BK Conical Deluxe series also has high-quality stainless-steel frying pans.

Energy efficient The body of the BK Conical Deluxe pans consists entirely of 3-ply, a unique structure of two layers of high-quality stainless steel with a layer of aluminium in the middle. 3-ply ensures that the pan heats quickly and that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the pan without any hotspots. BK has been able to seal the 3-ply material in the upper rim completely. This means that the pans are hygienic and dishwasher safe. The lids have been made from tempered glass. This enables you to follow the cooking process without allowing any heat to escape. The combination of 3-ply and the glass lids makes the BK Conical Deluxe pan very energy efficient. The frying pan (28cm) and the wok (30cm) of the BK Conical Deluxe series have also been made from 3-ply, and have the unique BK relief base, which ensures perfect fat distribution and therefore a perfect frying result. The handles are comfortable to use and are hollow. The BK Conical Deluxe series is suitable for all heat sources, including the oven. After use, the pans can be placed into the dishwasher.



This range is manufactured entirely from 3-ply, which comprises a layer of aluminum sandwiched between two layers of high quality stainless steel. Aluminum evenly distributes heat across the entire pan without creating hotspots. Perfect heat distribution allows for energy-efficient pans.



This range of pans come with shockproof glass lids. The glass provides the perfect view of the cooking process without needing to lift the lids. As a result, the heat in the pan remains constant and cooking becomes energy efficient.

perfecte grip


This range is fitted with solid heat-resistant side and long handles. This ensures that pans can be safely handled in all circumstances when moving and draining.



BK has succeeded in fully sealing the 3-ply material in the rim. This makes the pans extremely hygienic to use and dishwasher safe.



This pan range has precise capacity marks on the inside of the pan. This makes it possible to measure off liquids precisely without using a measuring cup.