Casseroles of BK

A casserole belongs on every hob in the Dutch kitchen and it's no coincidence that it is also known as a Dutch Oven. A casserole can be used for simmering, stewing and braising. A casserole can be used on high heat, which is ideal for browning meat. The material retains heat well, a property that means you can simmer your dish for hours.

There are various types of casseroles in the BK range, made of cast iron and enamelled steel plate or a combination of both. What all casseroles have in common is that they are made of high-quality materials and can all be used on an induction hob.



The BK Fortalit casseroles are made from high-quality enamelled steel plate. These pans are somewhat lighter in weight than casseroles made from cast iron. This pan is also known as a meatball pan!

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The BK Cuisson casserole is made of cast iron and the lid of enamelled steel plate. This makes the pan lighter in weight. The tight-fitting lid provides a good seal.

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Cast-iron casseroles

Expertise in the field of manufacturing cast-iron casseroles is in our DNA. The manufacture of cast-iron casseroles is a Dutch craft. BK's cast-iron casseroles are made from recycled iron. A new mould is used for each casserole, making each one unique. A layer of enamel is applied to the pans to ensure that they do not rust. The lids have drip rings; the cooking steam that rises is evenly distributed over your dish. This makes the dish nice and tender. You can simmer a dish for hours in a cast-iron casserole!

Binnen het assortiment van BK hebben we verschillende soorten braadpannen, gemaakt van gietijzer en geëmailleerd plaatstaal of een combinatie van beiden. Wat alle braadpannen gemeen hebben is dat ze gemaakt zijn hoogwaardige materialen en dat ze allemaal ook op inductie gebruikt kunnen worden.



The casserole for the real Burgundian! Available in various modern colours.

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BK New Vintage Cast Iron

A powerhouse in the kitchen.

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The royal orange casserole adorned with a beautiful crown.

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A royal showpiece.

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