The tools for your daily cooking inspiration

BK Bistro is a series of pans that is very suitable for daily cooking. The pans have a stylish, contemporary design and look great on any stove. The satin-finished stainless steel body is perfectly vertical and ends in a sleek rim. This pouring rim makes it easy to drain liquids. The sleek, rounded grips and handles are fire-resistant, comfortable to hold and provide a safe grip during cooking. These are the tools you need for your daily portion of cooking inspiration!

Cooking with ease The BK Bistro series of pans is equipped with an enclosed sandwich base that ensures fast heating and good heat distribution throughout the pan. The glass lids allow you to see exactly what is going on in the pan without lifting the lid. The pans have handy volume markings on the inside so you no longer need to use a measuring jug! BK Bistro pans are suitable for all heat sources, including the oven. The pans are stackable, so they fit neatly in your kitchen cupboard. After use, the pans are easy to clean in the dishwasher.

15 Jaar garantie

15 years warranty

These pans come with a 15-year guarantee.

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Heat sources

The pans are suitable for use on all heat sources, including induction and in the oven.

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Glass lid

Glass lids make it possible to observe the cooking process without lifting the lid.

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Quick cleaning

After use, the pans can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

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Perfect grip

Good grip thanks to sturdy fireproof grips and handles.

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Heats up rapidly

The enclosed sandwich base ensures fast heating and good heat distribution.

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4-piece set

The BK Bistro is a series of pans in which you can prepare your daily culinary dishes. The pans have a stylish, modern design, look great on any stove and are extremely convenient.

This 4-piece pan set consists of:

Casserole pot 16 cm
Casserole pot 18 cm
Casserole pot 20 cm
Saucepan 16 cm

This means that you have the right pan for any dish.

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