1. Cut the fish into cubes and dry them with kitchen paper.
  2. Remove the hard outer leaf and the ends of the lemon grass stalk.
  3. Cut the chilli lengthwise, remove the seeds and finely slice the chilli into thin strips. 
  4. Cut the basil leaves into strips.
  5. Mix the fish, curry paste, fish sauce, shallot, chilli, lemon grass and basil in a large bowl.
  6. Divide the mixture over the sheets of grease-proof paper, and fold the paper to close it.
  7. Place the papillotes in the steamer inserts.
  8. Bring water to the boil in a saucepan, making sure there is at least an inch between the water and the steamer insert.
  9. Place both the steamer inserts with papillotes on top of one another above the boiling water and cover with the lid.
  10. Steam the papillotes for about 15 minutes, until the fish is done.
  11. Remove the papillotes from the steamer inserts and place them on four plates.
  12. Tear or cut the paper open.

Nice with pandanus-leaf rice and stir-fried cauliflower with red chilli and roasted coconut.