1. Put the self-raising flour and the pinch of salt in a sieve above a large bowl and tap against the sieve until all the self-raising flour has fallen through.
  2. Tap each egg on the edge of the bowl, hold with 2 hands and then crack open above the bowl.
  3. Add the milk. Whisk it with the mixer until all lumps are out. The pancake batter must be liquid.
  4. If necessary, add an extra dash of milk. A batter that is extra airy can be obtained in the blender or with the hand blender.
  5. Let the frying pan heat up on the stove. Melt a knob of butter in it.
  6. Pour some batter into the middle of the pan with a soup ladle and then quickly turn the pan around until the whole bottom is covered with batter.
  7. Bake on a low heat until the top of the pancake is dry and the bottom light brown.
  8. Turn the pancake with a spatula and bake the other side.
  9. Continue baking until all the batter has run out.