In 1851, Hendrik Berk in Kampen (BK) began to design milk churns, pots, pans and cooking utensils commissioned by businesses and individuals. Forty years later, he was able to apply an enamel protective layer to his sheet metal pans and canisters, laying the foundation for BK, the company that is still providing the Dutch market with pans with great success.

LASTING VALUE BK is a pioneer of clever applications and high quality technology. Quality and ease of use go hand in hand with design and innovation. BK switched to producing stainless highgrade steel pans, which we now all have in our kitchens, as early as 1963. One of BK’s classics made its debut in that year as well: the BK Karaat, still a popular range on which many other pans are based.

ROYAL WARRANT BK’s centenary in 1951 was also ‘crowned’ by the appointment of a Royal Warrant by Queen Juliana. A unique occasion and exceptional recognition of BK’s dedication to manufacturing and supplying the best cooking products for Dutch housewives.

BK’s success is apparent as soon as you open a cupboard in any Dutch kitchen, and our products are passed down through the generations. BK makes prize-winning pan ranges but also cook’s knives, chopping boards, kitchenware and cutlery.