Home delivery by DHL4You

If you place an order before 4:00 pm on business days (Monday till Friday), it will be delivered to your home within 3-4 business days.
Please note: DHL does not deliver on sunday and monday.

Delivery time

After your order has been picked up by our external carrier, you will receive an email with a Track & Trace code. You will be able to follow your package from 7:00 pm the same day.

See the General Terms and Conditions

For other EU countries, see table below:

Country Delivery period
Western Europe 5 business days
Finland, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Estland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania 7 business days
Cyprus, Greece, Malta 9 business days

Please note: If a product is marked as 'sold out' in the description, delivery periods could be longer.