BK Bourgogne Sunny Yellow 24 cm & 28 cm

This casserole combines cheerfulness with functionality!

BK Bourgogne Royal Blue 24 cm & 28 cm

Regal allure on the worktop.

BK Bourgogne Jet Black 24 cm & 28 cm

Black is the colour for in the kitchen.

BK Bourgogne Denim Blue 24 cm & 28 cm

A blue boost for your kitchen!



Frying, braising, stewing or simmering are all cooking techniques which continue to be popular in the modern kitchen. You can prepare the most delicious stewed dishes in hand-crafted cast iron casseroles. The casseroles can be used on high heat to brown meat. To stew the meat, the casserole can be placed on a low-temperature hob or in the oven. Cast iron keeps the heat for a long time, so your dish can simmer for a wonderfully long time.

The inside of the lid is equipped with dripping rings, which evenly distribute the cooking juices over the dish. This keeps the dish nice and tender. After use, the casserole can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Because of the weight of the casserole, we advise to wash the casserole by hand.


Hand-crafted cast iron

The casserole is hand-crafted from cast iron. This top quality cast iron easily absorbes the heat and distributes it throughout the entire casserole.



The creamy white enamelled inside, with its smooth surface, meets the highest hygiene and food standards.



The dripping rings on the inside make the lid functional; the condensation of the rising steam is evenly distributed over the dish.


All heat sources

The cast iron casseroles are suitable for all heat sources, including induction.


Quick to clean

After use, the casserole can be cleaned in the dishwasher.